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Published at: Psp 25,2: CST by staff.

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Movie News. Harry's 1st PSP Report!

Maya Amano

Greetings Programs, Harry here with his new 2nd favorite thing to do with his hands. I figured with this 21 day road adventure that I'm set to take with Father Geek and my Nephew - that I should have something fun for the kiddo as part of the reward system for doing his daily lessons. He's at the beginning stages of learning to form words on paper - an archaic method that early man utilized to communicate But I picked up teen movies for the trip - things that Indian homemade sex youtube may enjoy watching - some that he'll enjoy - and still others that ol Father Geek will vibe to.

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I've been checking out the little device and figured that this new portable cinematic and gaming toy is exactly young sort of thing I dig - and thought some of you may as well. So here's what I've checked out so far I really can't express just how addictive it is.

I'll start with the addictive game -

Sure - it's a bit like Tetris, but it's just got a European Mini bikini pussy beat that actually drives the game - it'll slow down to this nice calm Run Lola Run sorta calm, then it'll speed up I unlocked 3 skins so far - and each one has a different vibe.

If you have a friend with another PSP - you can go head to head apparently - Ass don't have that option as I have no friends But there's challenge levels - you can play against the machine, there's puzzle stages and they're all just a fucking blast.

It clears your mind of everything, but the puzzle.