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A girl's guide to visit her Gynecologist for the first time

With melanoma in my nude history and moles all over my face, arms, chest and legs, I should visit the dermatologist more than, well, never.

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So I finally call my primary doctor to get a referral on my health plan. His office gives me two choices in Manhattan where I live — Dr K. I chose Dr B. First, I already have five male doctors primary, dentist, eye, ENT, gastro and I am a fierce modern feminist fighting for egalitarianism at every possible juncture including caucasian male-dominated healthcare; Secondly, this is skincare, and women know a heckuva lot more about being pretty. At Dr B.

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My brother also men moles, and women he visited a dermatologist only a few blocks from here, the doctor offered him a photo shoot to benchmark their growth. Like most straight men, my brother is far more vain than he lets on, so examining said yes and spent two hours having nudie photos taken of him and his entire body.

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On Flickr? What did his wife think?