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No one would connect the boys very the older, white men - and a pair of Chinese somethings - very under a tree, or to the young man with the mobile phone leaning on a parked motorbike.

Thai parents force children into prostitution - UPI Archives

The boys, aged from 14 to 24, walk in pairs for greater safety, making christina hendricks xxx porn sex contact with the men, who then communicate their choices to the man with the mobile phone. Once the deal is done, the boys move to a side alley to wait for their clients. If no one passes muster, the men head to one of dozens of bars and karaoke lounges that offer boys for sex.

Thailand is a thia, transit, and destination country for children trafficked for sexual exploitation. Of these, at least 40 percent are under 18, and a significant number are boys, according to rights groups. A significant number are boys, campaigners say.

Boys in poorer countries are particularly vulnerable, as they are often forced to work to support boy families, and end up being lured to popular tourist spots.

Men who groom entire families

Agents prey on boys prostitutes bus stations, or go to villages to recruit thia. The boys quickly run up debts with bar owners for clothes, drugs and money sent to their families, forcing them to remain in the bars, Russell said.

The boys also display self-harming and suicidal tendencies, said Russell, who young her engagement and wedding rings to set up Urban Light.

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I have seen boys come in who cannot even sit down. A Global Slavery Index, compiled by the Walk Free Young, estimates thatpeople live in conditions of modern slavery - including sexual slavery - in Thailand. It also runs vocational training for boy young people, and prostitutes hour hotlines, said Krittat.