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You must become completely crazy; then you will understand.

Robin Meade is very pretty, and that seems to be the point. Her delivery is odd and unnerving, with stresses and pauses in weird and inappropriate places, and the content is … lacking.

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Digg it! Stumble it! I highly doubt that you could relate to me the square root of ten even with a calculator yet you find the need to publicly insult a beautiful soul as though you could even stand in her shadow.

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Sounds like jealousy. You are a moron too……typical shallow idiot…. What contribution has this hair brained snake given to the world????

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Good luck finding an authentic American personality and mannerisms as magnetic as Robin. There are so many freak shows on t. I cannot believe how the baby boomer generation got pushed around about ideals in news and turned into a bunch of robots overnight last year.

She may be sexy ,but this tv personality is stellar hope you change your damn attitude, Sexy cute japanese pussy drew is like some disbarred vampire lady who lies to people to fringe stories built on ignorant viewer response like leaches.