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Just checking. Peyton has also opened herself up to roles outside of her comfort zone, including a number of movies that will debut this fall. Roi Vogue: Peyton List: I just turned 18, which means I can do my own stunts and I can go up in a harness. I have never really done that before.

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When we did our Halloween episode — which was actually pretty scary — I ended up going high up in a harness. We were pranking our camp owner and they hung me up on the wall with fake blood around me. It was actually pretty gory and surprisingly way harder than peyton looked, but it was cool. I really like doing my own stunts. We had a goat on set throughout the episode that was staged in a barn. It was so fun, we had all these barn animals running around. There was a giant pig that I took a selfie with. It made me really happy because the guys taking ugly of it said it never gets any love.

But the goat kept making noises, list we would have to pause and continue on once it stopped.

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I ended up continuing to act while it was making its noises. It was hilarious and it was hard not to laugh at the same time. We always joke that us and other shows on the live are kind of our own versions of high school. Even Miranda — who plays Lou — she and I are best friends. We have sleepovers all the time and it's just nice having this built-in family including all easy loose woman fuck crew.

How about your favorite sexiest naked playboy bunnies Was there anything that really stood out to you during filming? Actually, there is. This is probably my favorite episode of the season. It starts to seem as if they're starting to like each other and falling in love.

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For instance, she walks in on them in the cabin doing a CPR class together.