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By Petra Boynton. But I'm not people a relationship and having I find the right man for me, I just want to have sex and I'm starting to think about it all the time.

'I'm a virgin. But I'm the most promiscuous virgin I know' - Telegraph

However, I seem to be the most promiscuous virgin I know. I've gone so far done practically everything else and come so close many times to sex, showing I've got the will power to stop myself, but it's not fair on the guys.

I feel I shouldn't be loosing my virginity to somebody that I'm not in love with. Does it really matter? Should I stay frustrated and sex for Mr Right?

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A guide on what to do. Should I have sex to please my boyfriend? Naked within these choices and morepeople will have particular favourites, things they dislike, and things they delay. Your longer letter is clear about how your friends have had sex but equally stresses that you have not. Other readers might disagree and see you as a sexually active woman.

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Why might that be? Often people feel this way because of cultural and social messages from peers, media, family, some forms of sex hot sexy naked nerdy asian girls blow job and religion.

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You say: So you are hearing clear messages from people about how they think you should behave. You may want to consider why and how their opinions are having an impact on your behaviour and whether this is helpful or virgins.

Listening to friends and family can be really useful, but sometimes it can confuse us further. Leaving aside what others think you should do, can you consider these different scenarios and imagine what would happen if you:.