Naked man eaten by snake vore

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Bizarre ‘vore’ fetishists dream of being eaten alive

It was soft, subtle and yet very sexy. Great expression on her face. Great job! Annie had just bedded down for the night, opting to sleep in the nude on top of the sheets, when all of a sudden she felt eyes on her curvacious body.

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Sleepily she looked up to find an alien creature hovering over the bed. Snapping to she cursed herself for having left her window open.

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Terror filled her heart as she scrambled back against the headboard as the creature loomed. As the creature floated around eaten the side of the bed to block the window and possible escape of its victim, Annie snake to crawl over the bedcovers toward her bedroom door. The alien acted quickly grabbing up her feet and stuffing her legs into its slimy mouth.

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As the nude woman man to scramble off the bed, the alien sent out its tentacles to put a stop to her advance. Extracting its claws, the creature threatened the woman by sliding one claw under her chin, poised at her throat. To her horror, she realizes that there is no escape. Into vore Amazon — We particularly loved the look and feel of this piece.

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The nude woman with chubby butts was smooth and very realistic. The rendering was superb and even though the subject naked not flailing about, there was great attention to detail in the secondary animation where the arms flopped and the subject was moved around by the dynamics of the devouring.

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Check out the high resolution, full length, snake vore animation in our samples gallery! Beach Snake — We particularly loved the excellent sound effects throughout the piece and the silhouettes of the victims wiggling about inside. Great attention to the body details of the silhouettes on the snake.