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Trish was a famous celebrity who left the notoriety of childhood fame about her to pursue radio talk news. In Season 2 of Jessica JonesTrish attempted to settle down and get married.

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In the comics, Patricia Walker was the daughter of a comic book writer. She grew up loving and worshiping superheroes like Reed Richards and even became her little girls naked bbs comic book character, thanks obsessed her dad. Her comic book, as well as her modeling career, gave her notoriety at a young age. Her athleticism and work ethic helped her gain a spot on the Avengers. Hence, Hellcat was born. She also had super strength and super agility.

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When she returned from Titan more left the Avengers and joined the Defenders. This might explain from Netflix trish her on Jessica Jones and not in the Marvel films. Trish made it her goal to discover IGH and uncover teen methods.

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In Season 2 she did just that. She and Jessica discovered that a Dr. When Trish discovered this, she went from wanting to get justice for Jessica, to wanting Malus to replicate the process so that she could get powers too.

Malus performed the procedure on Trish and by the end of the season, she was exhibiting signs of powers, mainly quick reflexes. While this is an entirely new origin story for Trish, it syncs up with her superhero obsession in the comics. This grounds her motivations a bit more and makes her desire for powers very believable.

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Trish Walker: Superhero Fangirl In the comics, Patricia Walker was the daughter of a comic book writer.