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After being introduced by gay director and former collaborator Gus Van Sant, Franco told a humorous anecdote at the ceremony about filming a poolside scene nearly naked in Milk, the biopic of assassinated gay politician Harvey Milk, in which Franco portrayed Milk's lover.

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His only covering during this particular shoot was a prosthetic penis. So you just slide em over. There was no fitting or anything.

James Franco Has a Prosthetic Penis in Gus Van Sant's Milk?!

They just gave it to me and I put it on. Franco later learned from filmmaker Judd Apatow that his near nudity was mistaken for actual nudity by a few notable folks that day. Among them was Sean Penn, who would go on to win an Oscar for portraying Milk.

It got wet, obviously, because I was swimming, and so I guess it was sort of hanging off a little bit so it looked even longer.

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In a video introducing Franco for his award, James Schamus joked that he knew Franco would win an award for naked girls playing an instrument allyship after watching footage of that day's shoot. Schamus added that the ally award should "put to rest" rumors about Franco's milk. The actor, who recently identified as gay nude everything but sexhas been long been dogged by whispers of relationships with other men, which were frequently reported on by Gawker.

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Kelly directed King Cobra, james new film about murder in the gay porn industry that Franco produced that screened later that evening. All Rights Reserved. Search form Search.

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