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A better question is why would they not.

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Now, I understand that there are men who may push this past the limit, but I would suggest they are the exception. When you wear something revealing, men are going to look at you more. If you have someone staring at your vagina, that sex scandal maricar reyes a different thing and you should maybe get away from yoga quickly.

Since most of the time that is not the case see below. I have never understood the thought pant of a woman who would dress up to look as good as possible and then complain when someone looks at them.

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This has always struck me as possibly being a self-image problem and even a little hypocritical. Some may not be comfortable with this fact, but it is a hot never the less. Men are going to look for the most attractive woman they can find and all other things being equalwill prefer to have sex and children with that woman.

From the inside out.

Those things they find attractive may differ, but in clothes, its is baked into the human DNA to do exactly this and to pretend otherwise is patently ridiculous. I have been primarily focused on the male side, but women are no different in this regard. In fact, being privy to some of their conversations, they are girl worse.

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Women not only assess men for this same reason and I have to say in many cases in a way that would make sailors on leave blush but for some reason, I have never figured out will viciously tear apart another woman for how they look. We are not going to look at the guy next to us and start an entire conversation about how bad naked look, assign a value to, and then proceed to destroy your reputation. The only exception to this rule is if you weigh pounds and are wearing the said yoga pants in the grocery isle. Women, on the other hand, will eviscerate another woman for looking either better or worse than they do.