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Soft and chewy gluten free cookies mexican with cacao, mesquite, ginger and cayenne. They are sweet with just the right amount of kick. The perfect winter cookie to dunk into a hot mug of tea!

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Everything in nature slows down, all her energy goes back into the earth. I like to see winter as the chance to do the same. A lot of deep rest, restoration, reflection and grounding.

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Creative mexican like experimenting with indigo dye, Shibori style a Japanese techniquemaybe a spot of gardening my patch is looking VERY neglected hot, and if I can find one locally — a ceramics class. Of course — all of biggest camel toe naked hot, will no doubt be interspersed with a healthy dose of mess making in the kitchen.

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They turned out perfect — soft in the centre thank you, almond butterwith just enough chew, and plenty of warming winter spices. A hint of sea salt sprinkled over the top before serving really made them next level.

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Total winter comfort food at its best. Sorghum is a whole grain grown predominantly yeni rivera en porno Africa and parts of Asia — particularly, India. According to the Whole Grains Councilit is the fifth most important crop in the world — its robust nature makes it indispensable during times of drought.

It is gluten free, and relatively high protein High protein gluten free flours are needed in baking to mimic gluten — which is also a proteinthough as you know, quite a problematic one. Being a whole grain, sorghum is also high in dietary fibre 8.

Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies

There are many varieties of sorghum, though the red whole grain is known to contain high levels of protective antioxidant polyphenols [1]. In fact, the antioxidant levels of these darker, pigmented varieties are comparable to fruits and vegetables, and certainly far higher than other cereal grains [2]. Taste and texture wise, I feel like it is perhaps the closet gluten free flour to wheat.

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Amaranth has a strong grassy note, whilst millet and certainly quinoa are a bit bitter. As with all store bought flours, I use them in moderation.