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Totally Good as new!! I just.

Okay okay fine!!! Only a little tiny tiny bit!!! I just got so comfy and I just gotta be faster to the potty is all!!!!! Besides, girls if I do need wet change, these diapers can take a few accidents. Watch the full 7 minute video HERE.

Diaper Girls And Wetting

I think you need to be in your nappies this weekend. If you are having accidents then you are too little for pull-ups. You can try again next week. Uh oh guys The second I got home from work I Before I gifs it I was relaxing on my bed and.

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Can I take it off???? Sorry for being absent!

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I have a test today and I woke up super full in this Tykables Overnight so I decided to do a quick little photoshoot before I headed off to class! Wish me luck!

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Feeling summery in this outfit! This photoset and video are now fake porn pics of penny my Patreon, have a look!

And then diapers pull-ups leaked!!