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Gillian Chung Models for Fashion Brand. Sex photo scandal: HK techie denies he stole pics. Tibet poised to embrace even brighter future, 60 years after peaceful liberation. Thunderstorms forecast to continue in north China. Chinese tourism official confident of cross-strait travel.

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Senior Chinese leader calls for efforts to develop new energy. Photos President cuts ribbons for Tibet's first expressway. Death toll rises to 9 in NE China road accident. China Southern Airlines sends charter indian xxx girls porn carrying peacekeepers to Liberia.

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China train crash: New Tragedy for Hi-speed Rail. Repatriation chung Lai shows resolution to punish crimes. Hillary's "Strategic Stake" might irk Beijing. Y-9 transport aircraft undergoing "test flight"???

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Norway massacre: Libya seeks talks as NATO strikes hit capital. US next step: Mars Rover. Hong Kong singer Gillian Chung. File Photo Gillian Chung, former member of the pop band Twins has been in a slump since she was involved in the Edison Chen sex photo scandal two years ago. From publicly apologizing for her nave behavior to having her photo illegally used on a recent erotic DVD cover, Chung went from low point to low point.

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The most important thing in my life is to live happily," she said, when her movie The Fantastic Water Babes, which was shot one year before the scandal broke, finally hit the big screens. The movie was shot in and was set for release in the summer of But due to the erotic picture scandal, in which photos of Hong Kong actor Chen and Chung were stolen from Chen's computer and released on Internet in earlythe film was suspended.

Some insiders in entertainment industry even said they though that Chung might gillian performing permanently. Chung hasn't received any movie offers in the two years since the scandal. But Chung is back in the spotlight again and seems scandal have become more outgoing and talkative, and is projecting a more mature public image of herself than she did before.

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