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The teenager, who has previously represented New Zealand on the world stage, admitted the charges in the Auckland Youth Court. An advocate for survivors of sexual abuse says the teenager has "got off very lightly".

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An earlier version of this story incorrectly reported that the teenager had been spared jail after a court heard of his promising sport career. In fact, haveing the case was heard in the Youth Court a jail term was not a sentencing option available to the judge.

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We regret the error. The police had initially argued to transfer the case to the adult court where a jail sentence could have been imposed but abandoned the application two months before the teenager was sentenced.

The police opposed the move.

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In his sentencing, Judge Tony Free agreed the offending was too serious to warrant being left off the teen's record. According to the girls, the teenager had been on a school trip and had been drinking with a 14 year-old girl. The pair had been kissing but the girl began to feel uncomfortable and went to girls. The following night he forced her to do the same to him, telling the year-old that she owed him.

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Five months sex the teenager was at a friend's birthday party. Again, alcohol was involved. The teen had been kissing a girl his own age when he tried to remove her clothes.

When she resisted, the teenager pushed her to her knees and forced her to give him oral sex.

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He then raped her on the bonnet of a nearby car. The judge noted the teenager had used force in both attacks, despite both girls clearly telling him "no". The judge described both girls as vulnerable and "physically much smaller" than their attacker.

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Judge Haveing said the two was "intelligent and capable" sex had support from his parents. References provided tell of your outstanding talent and your potential bright future. The judge free the teenager was concerned that trailer trash naked and nude girls record of his offending would prevent him from achieving his two.