Fly me the french way 1974

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Valerie watches over her cousin's place while he's away for six months. She spends her first night there reading, playing records, and calling her girlfriend Sophie over.

That night, members of a french sex cult break in and mistakenly kidnap Sophie. Valerie's cousin, a member of this cult, has some incriminating photos and the leader wants to ruin his life.

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Valerie and Sophie's friend Fred go to the cult's mansion stronghold to stop all this madness. Unfortunately, my second Jean Rollin experience was nowhere near as inspiring as my first.

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Watched under its original title of Fly Me the French Way, the minimal plot involving the kidnapping of a young lady mistaken as the relative of a reporter investigating a bacchanalian sex cult, is basically filler between extended simulated bedroom gymnastic sessions with more position way than the Tour de France.

Nude sexist ficking with books generally wouldn't be an issue, but the fact that I found myself dozing off mid-coitus on several occasions suggests that the desired level of titillation was certainly not achieved. Because Bacchanales sexuelles is a comedy of sorts and a series of sex scenes connected together by a running narrative about a sex cult who kidnaps and blackmails.

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The film opens with a woman walking into an apartment. She walks through the apartment, finally sitting.

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Then she gets up again. She walks to the window and looks the. After a moment she walks back over to a bed, sits on it. She picks up a rotary phone and dials a number, slowly punching in every digit.

Fly Me the French Way ()

We watch her wait patiently for 1974 to pick up. Fly last they do. This opening scene is powerfully, transcendently boring. Yes, this is a Jean Rollin skin flick.