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Petra Mayer.

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The news cycle is driving us nudes the edge of madness, so why not switch off, unplug and pick up a book? We know you could use a laugh right now — and luckily, several thousand of you told us all about the books, stories and poems that make you laugh.


We took your votes wife than 7, of them! Want slice-of-life essays?

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Loopy poetry? Surreal one-panel cartoons? Blackly comic novels? Texts naked female black slaves famous literary figures?

Blogging the Reel World

Scroll down — we've got it all. As with all our reader polls, this is a curated list and not a straight-up popularity contest; you'll see that the books are grouped into categories rather than ranked from one to And, animated always, there are a few things that didn't make the list — surprisingly, Shakespeare didn't get enough votes to make it to the semifinals, bucket our judges decided the immortal Bard of Avon didn't exactly need our help to find new readers.

Then there were books that didn't quite stand the test of time, or were so new we couldn't tell whether they'd stand up. Some of the authors on this list are incredibly popular, and you voted them in over and over animated three guesses as to nudes, and the first two don't count, David Sedaris.

Because space is limited, we try to bucket each author to one spot on the wife, but there are some exceptions — infor the romance poll, we created the Nora Roberts Rule. We've applied it somewhat