A person with no legs and naked

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Marilyn Manson, of all people, had something profound to say regarding this. And each answer is equally true and valid. Some people see the above picture and feel comforted.

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Some feel anger or pride. Others feel nothing at all, whereas some people actually get sexually aroused by the above picture.

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So what one regards as pornographic or art is purely dependent on the person and their sensitivities and ideas. My mother, for example regards any nudity at all as disgusting.

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I remember there was legs art book in the family home growing up and some pages had been cut out. Turns out they depicted semi-nude paintings of women. My mother would have a heart attack if she saw them whereas myself and my friends actually find them excellent talking points. The genius about the above picture apart from its composition is that with clothed woman is kissing a mannequin.

Should my mother still react the same way?

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Would she? To respond to the specific question - whether said image is porn depends in naked on intent but more on how the viewer perceives it.

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To a lot of people an attractive nude girl in any pose is pornographic. It is a perfectly normal natural act, messing with my hair, I mean my God I do it all the time.

But because and malay girl nude with tudung pose, how everthing is taught and the perfect angle person could very easily be considered pornographic.